Standard Parts Database Restore



What files do i need to restore to get back a older version of the STD parts, 


I am thinking STD Parts / Mssql / Data, then all the files in this folder. 


However the date Modified on these files shows the date the STD parts was setup. (on ST8) making the IT person question whether these are the correct files. As it is a database file is this not the case. 


If im in completely the wrong place for this can someone please point me in the right direction. 


I have been uploading a few hours a day into company specific categories since the satart of September and had someone else start to help this week only to screw it all up! 



ST8 MP11 / ST9 MP02

Re: Standard Parts Database Restore

you have a old Standard Parts data base from previouse version?

you installed ST8 Standard Parts and want to point it to this old Data base?

or am i way off base


you can install Standard Parts 8 and point it to a older data base

Re: Standard Parts Database Restore



Sorted now thanks, the new guy had previously done a bit of STD parts admin before i moved to the company and took over and had other databases linked.  On my machine i have a local (try new things) and the company server database. Seems the database manager linked him to a old version that updated the SMAPINI file and screwed up everyone.  I had to fix the problem on his machine and delete the old database MDF files and all is ok now.  


Steep learning curve! 



ST8 MP11 / ST9 MP02

Re: Standard Parts Database Restore

@ChrisMorgan, If you document your process/workflow I'd love to see it.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200