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Standard Parts Library for subscription users?


Morning everyone. Does anyone on subscription know where to download the standard parts library/administrator? I have the install manual included in my SE ST10 folder but no executable file to get this installed. If I launch it in Se it gives me the typical misconfiguration error as though it's not been installed. SE is downloaded through siemen's digital river portal and only has one download, for the software and nothing else. I'm on Foundation so it should be included in this. Thank you!


Re: Standard Parts Library for subscription users?


Hmm..If you have a webkey account you can download the Standard Parts from Global Technical Access Center (GTAC).

Choose the Download option. You will then be prompted to login using your webkey account. Siemens then verifies the webkey account and displays the software assigned to that account. 

Once inside, choose the Full product download, ST10 folders. You will find an additional folder location for Standard Parts. This folder holds the software download.


Re: Standard Parts Library for subscription users?

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Community Manager

Just to be clear, Foundation only includes a very few sample parts. So if you are creating your own, you are fine. But if you want "millions" of parts, then you need Classic at least.

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development