Standard Parts Properties and Characteristics

I figured out how to install a downloaded part into my Standard Parts Library.... I read thru the standard parts manual and was able to get my parts in...go figureSmiley Wink


Here's my question.


What is the most efficent way to create Standard parts properties in 3rd party downloads that do not have any standard part information built in to them??...


for example:


I want to install a series of 18 different pillow block bearings into the standard parts library but these files contain no standard part information. When I go to install them I'm prompted to enter the infomation manually (the part editor) or skip it, which creates an error log and none of the parts are installed.


Populating the standard part info by hand is very slow and tedius.


I'm aware of the Family of Parts Masterfile which I have had success with but that is with models that you create from scratch.  


Have any of you in the group dealt with this before?


How did you do it more efficiently?






Re: Standard Parts Properties and Characteristics


There is an option that use an excel sheet or from a family of part, Read again the STD Part manual it should be mention somewhere.

Also the STD part information is to help classify the part and define if a variable value should be enter when you place the standard part. Example a frame section will ask you to provide the length.

It also allow you to specify a thumbnail, in which folder to sort the components etc...

Also from the STD admin panel their is some option to in batch edit component once they are register in the database.

Re: Standard Parts Properties and Characteristics

Got it! Thank you very much.