Standard parts Administrator re install

Hi Users..

I installed the Standard Part Manager and removed it from the control panel
You deleted all the SQL-related items when you deleted it.
We have also removed all registry entries.

I installed it again after ...
The message shown below is displayed and can not be executed.
Can you tell what's wrong?




Betreff: Standard parts Administrator re install

Hi @Hclee



after installation, have You also run the Standard Part Configuration and have You added a library to it?



Betreff: Standard parts Administrator re install

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Hi hawcad
Yes, I installed the library.
I did not like the library and erased it.
I checked and reinstalled only the specifications I wanted.
This is happening ...


The sac file itself has disappeared.
I would like to make it easier for the user to use the SolidWorks toolbox.
Edge standard parts work with SQL and are difficult to install and use.


Users can easily register the library and ...
I want to be able to use it easily and backup it to other PC.



Betreff: Standard parts Administrator re install

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Hi @Hclee



only install of the admin and the libraries doesn't do the complete job.


You have to setup the database first.

And - this is one of those old tricks, which works for me a long time, install the example libraries from the admin menu too.

Only then the SQL seems to be installed and defined correctly.

At least was it so, for former versions of SE and Standard Parts.


And if You have multiple workstations, so install the SQL on a server only, giving all workstation access to that.

So You only have to install it once.





Do a test after the admin install with examples, wether or not the SE Standard Parts will work.

And also start the Standard Parts Configuration first to see, wether the settings are all done correctly