Standard parts database editing.


I'm using "Standard Parts" with ISO, DIN parts.  

1.I would like to customize names for newly created parts for few often used international standards (for example ISO4762, ISO7380 etc). 

I just want to have shortened names in my language in BOM table. I don't want to redefine each part separately.

2.I would like to add internal (company) numbers to each part we use and save this database to use it with next version of SolidEdge.


It would be best for me to copy current SolidEdge database or some standards from this database then modify names in new database and manually add individual company number  to each used parts.


Is there some solution? Now I can only create all sizes from standards and change properties off all created  files.


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Have a look at this .... might help you .. !!!



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Re: Standard parts database editing.


in past I created a guide for our customer how to enhance properties in their current Standard part database.

Please find attached pdf document. Maybe it will help you with your desired modification.



Re: Standard parts database editing.


What with NAME property?  Is it fixed or can we create new part with name defined by my company?

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You're welcome.

I think you can define your NAME property (see slide 6 and 10).
Generally there are fixed properties (Bolt, Nut etc.) which are same for all bolts or nuts. Then there are "variable" properties, which may vary on the same part (surface finish for example).