Standart parts links error

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Hello comunity,


Please someone help me so solve this error..


When open assembly i get this error


Then the assembly and fastener system became hidden, and its unable to unhide, unless replace whole fastener system manually..


in the options/manage/editlinks/    standart parts links are missing  [ c:/ ]


thas how working links should be looking:


Do anyone else face this problem? any advice how to fix it? Maybe developers can tell anything?


Thank you in advance!




Re: Standart parts links error

Hello rifas,

Did you just migrated from ST6 to ST7?


Does that assembly created on ST6 and you just opened in ST7?

if yes, then it could be the standard parts database has change.


Thanks & Rgdrs

Re: Standart parts links error

Hello Destian,


Yes we migrated from st6 to st7, but we installed new database and everything is ok, except that fastening system dissapearing time by time :/ it is super annoyng to replace fasteners system by systeme manually.. I think it is because im working with files from other PC.. and everything crashing because on working on network.. I think its is a really big issue to Solid edge..

Re: Standart parts links error

Dear Rifas, I did the same thinng as you, i have just migrated from ST6 to ST7, when i checked the fastener system, everything is running well.



Studying on your case, there are could be 2 reasons causing the missing fastener.

1. if this assembly created on ST6 and you just open it in ST7 this could be happening because your database has been change (according to me).

2.if you are create this assembly in your ST7, the problem could be on your networking.


these two problem is happening because of the missing source.

Re: Standart parts links error

Hi Destian,


Thank you for your time, but the issue isnot here.


Sometime links are workink correctly, but  sometimes somethink happens and links are missing C:/......



Maybe someone know how to fix links and add that ***** c:/ in front of the link?


Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Standart parts links error

Here is one more jpg with dissapeared screws..



Re: Standart parts links error

And here is youtube video with the problem. :




Re: Standart parts links error

I presume you have installed Standard Parts on a server so that multpiple users can use it?  If so, you cannot use C:\ in the path because Solid Edge will just look on the user's own machine and guess what, not find the Standard Parts.


You need to go on the server and fire up the Solid Edge Standard parts Configuration Wizard and set the path again.  Make sure it is a UNC path and starts like the following:




You cant have C:\Solid Edge Standard Parts\etc...  That won't work on any machine other than the server itself!






Re: Standart parts links error

Hi Chris,


Assemblies and parts are on other computers, standart parts are on my my computer.

My and my colleague are working with assemblies froom his mashine, but we have identicall standart parts database. (We have installed ideticall standart parts database to all solid edge users at company).


As you can see from the video, after i replace fasteners, problem is solved for that moment, but after some time it appears again.


That is not all. Some time when i open assembly, all fasteners are crashed. Then i restart computer, and after restart fasteners magically fixes it self Smiley Happy some time i need to do 2 or 3 restarts for a magical fix Smiley Indifferent but sometime restarts are not helping at all Smiley Sad


We have tried a lot of different variant to "crash" and to fix fasteners, but we cant find any logical explanaitions to any. Some time fasteners crash, some time it fixes it self, some time restart PC helps, some time not..


Would be nice to hear ANY explain or suggestion from PLM guys how we should use it, or how we should work with the same parts and assemblies.. :/ 



Re: Standart parts links error

I suggest you contact your VAR/Reseller/Partner as that is what they are there for.

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10