Steering Wheel in Assembly: Begging you to use it

Don't think of seeing the Steering Wheel in the Assembly environment as being a "synchronous" application.  While the Steering Wheel in Part/SheetMetal is used for synchronous face editing (push/pull/rotate/copying, etc), in the Assembly environment, think of it as another tool to gain effeciencies.  Whether your models are completely Synchronous, completely Ordered, or Integrated (combination of the two), the Steering Wheel can be used in Assembly to do a number of things.  The applications I think of right away are:

1)  Use the SW to relocate/change part orientation/position within the assembly.  Select the
part/subassembly and use the SW to drag/rotate the part to a new position.

2)  Use the SW to make additional instances or copy the part.  Select the part/subassembly and by either selecting the "Copy" option in the Quickbar or holding down Ctrl key, you can duplicate your part without going back to Part Library.

3)  Use the SW to apply intelligent assembly constraints.  Select the part/subassembly and relocate the origin of the SW to a reference point on the selected object.  Use the axes of the SW to move the select part/sub to another keypoint relative to another part/sub.  If you
have the appropriate options turned on in the Options menu (located in Quickbar), Solid Edge will recognize the relative position of geometry between your components (mates, hole alignments, etc) and automatically apply those constraints to your model.

All good stuff (regardless of your chosen modeling approach).

Hope this helps
Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant
Cincinnati, OH

Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant


Re: Steering Wheel in Assembly: Begging you to use it

We have 1 person out of 8 that user's the SW all the time (No sync all Order) I'll use it here and there. i don't things unrelated

Re: Steering Wheel in Assembly: Begging you to use it

here are 2 videos that review advanced assembly using sync...
both show the use of the assy steering wheel:

this video goes thru each option of the assy steering wheel including the move part or move sub assy as you asked:

this one is a shorter more broad assy benefits video but reviews much of the assy steering wheel info:

I hope you all find these helpful.

Matt Johnson
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions