Step values for plane offsets

In what file or settings are the step value for plane offset's stored?


The reason I ask, is that I have one design where I require a specific odd ball step spacing. When I go back to that file, it does not keep the settings for plane step. Once I get that file right, my other files created from scratch will have the odd ball offsets increments.


So I guess this is an install setting and not a file specific setting. 




Betreff: Step values for plane offsets

Hi @12GAGE



IMHO this is a value which is saved in YOur Current User Registry entries.


So - as You said - changing this value once, it will be the same as lon as YOu don't change it again.


So this is a user specific entry and has nothing to do with an option or setting or ini




Re: Step values for plane offsets

I expected the offset to be a unique saved value for every plane or at least every file. 

The more I use SE the more I am disapointed with it.