Still cannot resize "Links" window....ST8

Up to ST8 now, and still can't change the size of the "Links" window, even though it shows full file path names that are ALWAYS BIGGER THAN THE WINDOW.


Feels like 10 years since this has been an issue..


I am prepared for people to tell me 'there is actually no need for it to be bigger', and 'nobody has asked for that before..'






Re: Still cannot resize "Links" window....ST8

Hi Peter,


Yes, it has been a gripe for a very long time, and is why we prefer to use the "Tree View"'s far easier to navigate.

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Re: Still cannot resize "Links" window....ST8

That is annoying i have got so used to stretching the box and doing the slider it has become second nature!

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Re: Still cannot resize "Links" window....ST8

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There are a number of dialog windows that are fixed width like the links one. You have to wonder when the 21st century will arrive where the developers live.

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Re: Still cannot resize "Links" window....ST8

All I can say is that being an occasional programmer myself, I know it is not easy to change dialog boxes like this as you are usually pulling out one control and putting in another that has different input/output parameters requiring far more programming than sometimes what it's worth.  Kind of like changing out a gasoline engine for a diesel engine in an automobile, it's not just the engine that has to change...


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Re: Still cannot resize "Links" window....ST8

I respect your experience and view point Ken, and don't want to trivialise something that may be harder than it appears. However, logic tells us that whatever work is required to allow a window to change size, must be very very small compared to many other things that are new or updated.


Re: Still cannot resize "Links" window....ST8

@pmckay I also thought this might be easy to do, so last week after I read your post I emailed the development manager.  He said that this dialog and a few others were implemented using Windows API vs. (MFC - Microsoft Foundation Class) and unfortunately "these are not easy to modify and would require significant work".  


I was hoping for better news too. 


This is pretty high on the to-do list, and we hope to get to it soon.  Log an Enhancement Request (ER) if you have not already.  ERs help push items higher up in the list.



Re: Still cannot resize "Links" window....ST8

Thank you for following it up Laura, and for giving us a reason why it is not simple.

It may seem that it is not very important, or of low importance, but I use these windows very often. Therefore the hassle of them is significant, for me. I have been using SE for over 10 years and a large amount of the new features, I have not used, and will not unless we start working on very different stuff.

So I often feel that attracting a new customer with bells and whistles is often prioritised over helping the existing customer. The window that can't resize is a classic example of this.