Stitching surfaces

I have imported a part copy with surfaces created in Solid Edge. I am trying to make some modifications and get some new surfaces stitched into it but I get a message "Stitch Failed: Unable to stitch to a single sheet". When I use the Geometry Inspector I don't find any faults. Any idea of how to sleuth the problem with this surface? Regards Peter Smith

Re: Stitching surfaces

I would assume either gaps or overhangs that are greater than the stitch tolerance.  Geometry Inspector won't find them because they aren't faults.  You may be able to use the Intersect, Trim, or Extend commands to fix this if that is the issue.


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Re: Stitching surfaces

show non-stitched surfaces will give you a quick look at the areas that still need attention.

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Re: Stitching surfaces

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I will give that a try....I can't find any obvious either overlapped or unstitched edges....but will check more closely.