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Strange Performance w/VISTA OS

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I use SE2D at work on a WinXP system and have no issues with it. I just installed
SE2D at home on a VISTA OS and I'm experiencing some funny symptoms I hope you may
be able to help with.
The CPU is an Intel E6550, 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo Processor. At work I have a 2.8GHz
single core and it outperforms my home unit.

1. When using the Zoom feature, after outlining the area to zoom it does not zoom
until I move the mouse again.
2. After zooming I cannot select anything for 10-12 seconds after the zoom. It
seems SE2D has not kept up with the zoom change.
3. If I want to adjust the width of the Edge Bar, when I click on the vertical
line to move it, another vertical bar displays approximately 1/2" to the left from
where my mouse pointer is. This bar move rather than the line I clicked on. When
I release the mouse the line I clicked on moves to a point approximating how far
I moved the ghost line that appeared.
I've put the program into WinXP SP2 compatibility mode but it did not change anything.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.