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Stretch command frustration

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Ricky, since I've started using SE, I've been having an issue with the STRETCH command regarding the inability to select which elements to stretch. It's similar to a current one that I started pertaining to not being able to act selectively on stacked geometry.

Example: Two groups overlapping and I just want to act on one them. The only way that I've found to do this is to HIDE one of the groups. But that is inconvenient because I have to go into the GROUP structure and find it to UNHIDE it. It would be nice if I could hold down the CTRL key and add/subtract from the selection. I think that the STRETCH command is the only one like this.

Am I missing something that is easier?


Re: Stretch command frustration

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Have you tried using layers instead of groups?
You are trying to simulate assemblies.
Try putting the geometry for the different parts on different layers.
Rick B.