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Struggling with SE FEA, help please..


Hi all, 


I'm really struggling with Solid Edge FEA... Where can I find documentation on how to control the options in FEA? Is there a manual for SE FEA?


I've been using Solid Works Flow Simulation for a few months now, and it's a breeze to use.. but we still have SolidEdge ST7 w/FEA, which is painfully difficult to use. I figure it's because I cannot find any documentation on the software... One big question is how do I load/unload the FEA results? If I have a meshed model, how do I turn off the mesh so that it doesn't lag my computer?



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Re: Struggling with SE FEA, help please..

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I would direct you to the Solid Edge help. There each command is described.

If your local VAR isn't performing a training on SE Simulation.


Regarding the Mesh display, I guess you have 'mesh/show mesh on close' set?

Simply deselect this and the Mesh is hidden


Regards /Ulf


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Re: Struggling with SE FEA, help please..

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Just to follow up on my colleague's input, the ST7 help documentation can be found here:


With the FEA documentation continued in the above documentation being explicitly located at: