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Stud weld symbol.


Is it me, or are we missing a weld symbol among the symbols we already have.


As you can see in the below image, we do have the symbols of spot welding and seam welding.

SE - Untitled.png


But Am I overlooking the stud weld symbol as per AWS?

I know the ISO 2553 / EN 22553 do not have this symbol.

SE - Stud-Weld-Symbol.jpgSE - 751.5_stud_welding_symbol.gif



If I’m correct in overlooking the symbol, has anyone ever filled an ER for this?

If so, could you share the ER number, so I can check it an possible have an ER filled as well, mentioning your ER number.



Marc Boom

Re: Stud weld symbol.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Marc,

I hate to be the first one with this kind of the abswer, but I guess we are only one working on Saturday. I will be doing the same on Sunday too, but anyway.

Stud weld bellongs to the group of 'one-sided' welds and there is no 'other side\bottom' weld for it. So it is not shown again on the top of the arrow.

Look bellow arrow.

Have a good working Saturday.

Milan Wendl, MEngSc, P.Eng.
AAA Engineering, Canada
ST10, SolidWorks Premium 2018