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Student Version Sold-to ID Not Valid for WebKey Registration


Just tried using sold-to ID and WebKey Access Code to register a WebKey account but it comes up as invalid.  I got the ID and code from the Help/About Solid Edge tab in my newly downloaded version of student ST8.


Tried phoning GTAC support but was told that student version software is not valid for WebKey access, which seemed odd?  I have been advised previously by the PLM support team that a GTAC account should be available so I can unlock basic NX CAM software.


Anyone got any experience of this?




Re: Student Version Sold-to ID Not Valid for WebKey Registration

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

If you have the general Student version that is downloaded directly from Siemens PLM, then it is not eligible for any support other than what you get on this Community site.


If you have a University edition that you downloaed directly from your university/school, I believe support is handled via your university/school administrator.


I believe the commercial version is the only one that allows GTAC access for all users as each seat pays for an annual maintenance contract... the others do not.


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