I was doing a an assembly which envolved other subassemblies and in the drawing when I create the pats list table the count with the sub-assmblies as one unit instead of listing all the sub-parts. Is there a way to list all the individual parts or to dissolve the sub-assemblies?



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You can do the following:

- Right-click on your Parts List and select Properties.

- Select List Control tab.

- From there, select the sub-assembly you want to see the sub-parts.

- After you select the sub-assy, on the right, select "Include assembly components".

- Click OK or Apply.


Your list should now include sub-parts of selected sub-assy.






Michel Corriveau

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Thank you for your help. I'll try to do that.

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While this will include all the parts in the selected subassembly, take note of the Global list controls on the upper right of the parts list properties, which will apply across the entire assembly. In a large parts list, you should use these settings to get as close as possible to the BOM you want, and then selectively exclude the stragglers. In this way, you have customized individual settings applied to as few subassemblies as possible.


-Dylan Gondyke