Subtract operation ST7

I am very new to Solid Edge.  I am using two pieces that are very simple.  They were created by extruding from a rectangle.  One is level, the other is at an angle, so that the intersection is a wedge with one vertical face.  When I attempt the subtract operation, I get the following error message:


Operation unsuccessful - Zero thickness (non-manifold) condition in body.  The specific corrective action is unknown. Redefine inputs and try again.


I don't know what this means, or how to fix it.  Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Subtract operation ST7

Hello Fenris, Welcome to the Solid Edge Forum.


The error message you posted seems familiar.


If you could post a picture of what you are attempting would be useful for many who would be willing to answer.


Alternatively, try using the Search box at the top of this page with the keywords as zero thickness non manifold etc. and it will open up all previous discussions on this issue where you can get a hint or possibly a solution to the problem.


For example the following two messages disucss close to what you have posted:

1. Zero thickness error

2. Another answer to non-manifold.



Tushar Suradkar


Re: Subtract operation ST7

It still seems to work kind of strangely, but I did get it to work.  I think I was using the procedure for an earlier version.  Thank you for your reply