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Surface Area in Decimeters

Hello Edgers,


Here's a macro that calculates the surface area of a part in decimeters and stores it as an 'exposed' variable, so it can pulled into a Draft sheet. This came as a request via a PM; hope you find this useful too.

The program can be downloaded via a link from this page.
The source code can be downloaded here.


Note: after downloading, need to change the extensions from .piz to .zip and .ex_ to .exe.

Known Limitations:

1. The macro creates the AreaInDecimeter variable once, first time, it does not update update the value upon subsequent executions. So the earlier created variable needs to be deleted manually.

2. Absolutely no error checks; works only in a Part file; and no messages are displayed when run in an Assembly or Draft document or if Solid Edge is not running.



A Solid Edge Maker Faire tutorial that runs through the code can be read here so you can modify the code as required.

~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: Surface Area in Decimeters

My Friend,


A HUGE thanks for this once again! It works perfectly!

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Re: Surface Area in Decimeters

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Thanks for the inspiration Imi.

Edgers like you from the trenches help bring out the full potential of Solid Edge, be it by way of macros or manual usage.





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So wish I had time to write more macros


so fun


so challenging


so rewarding


so needed


just need TIME!!!

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I could not have said it any better @MattJohnsonPAC

Fun and Challenging: yes  +  its a huge drain on time minus any rewards.


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Re: Surface Area in Decimeters

Hello Imre,



Don't you need it just to say:


Deci - Egri Bikaver, fast please!



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@milanw Cheers my cyber friend!



Where are you from?




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Hi Imre,

Bratislava, left in 1983 for Toronto.

Been to your country a few times before and after 1983 and going to Europe every year for holidays or business.


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Re: Surface Area in Decimeters

Hi Imre, just forget to ask if you could cite the case where people might want Decimeters.

I am aware some countries use ISO, others ANSI while the Dutch use DIN.

Unless there is risk of violating any NDA, can you tell which customer or project required Decimeters as the unit.