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Surface Book


To those of you that may have received a scathing post I made about my Surface Book, I would like to retract it. It seems that there is a specific sequence in which the system must come together.



I installed SE on my new laptop yesterday and was not too impressed with the size of the text and a few other aspects. This did not worry me at all as my intention is to use it mainly with the docking station. However when I connected my screen it was terrible, the graphics were all over the show. The speed was more than pathetic and I was, to put it politely, very upset with the performance. However upon one restart things came together and the speed took off and SE looked perfect and ran fantastic.


Unfortunately during the period when I was not getting the start-up sequence right, I posted a message explaining my disappointment and asking if anyone knew a possible way to fix it.


It seems that the screen must not be in sleep mode when connecting the laptop as it will not recognise it. If you tell it to detect the screen it will eventually turn the screen on, but it must screw with the laptops head and the system does not work at all too well.


Lesson learned, and my apologies to anyone that may have received my post before I stumbled upon the solution and deleted the post.


Re: Surface Book

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Neil_H,


Nice bit of kit.....I was quite taken by it, when I had a short session on it at SEU in Cincinnati.

I believe it has a slightly better "tablet mode" GPU than even my Surface Pro3's Intel HD5000, and then the additional "laptop mode" GPU is just a whole new level of grahics power.


Would like to hear some real world stories about it's use with Solid Edge as a primary, daily driver. Good luck with your cool new weapon. Even at those expensive Kiwi dollar numbers.

Sean Cresswell
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