Surface Dial, anyone?

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I was curious if anyone received a Surface Dial as a gift? I did! having a relative in the corporate sales side of MS has its benefits from time to time.


Anyway, I was wondering if anyone is working with the Dial with Solid Edge. I noticed you can program custom functions like keyboard shortcuts. So with that vein what are your most popular keyboard shortcuts that might be programmed?


Or, if SE needs some beta testing done I'm open to that as well! Man Happy


Re: Surface Dial, anyone?

I don't own a surface dial but the first shortcut I would add is CTRL+Q (hide\unhide previous level).

Re: Surface Dial, anyone?

Ok, now I know how you get access to all of this stuff so early. Relatives in high places. Keep us informed about your escapades with this gizmo. I wasn't aware it would work outside of the Surface Studio world.

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Re: Surface Dial, anyone?

@MLombard Yes, the Dial works with all the Surface Pro devices-both on and off the screen area. Right now it has limited functionality. The Dial needs to work with the software you use. So that means the software has to either have been developed alongside the product development or we will have to wait for later software releases to include support for the Dial. You can customize how the dial works but right now it is limited to keyboard shortcuts- that I can find. I would love the ability to hold the push on the Dial and get a SE radial menu to open! I also have to try an convince myself that I don't need a mouse. The Dial, Pen and touch need to work in conjunction together and that can get difficult- I only have tow hands.


Secondly, I think we will see much more value once the Windows 10 "Creator" release is out. And for those reading this if you don't know what the Windows 10 Creator release is about you need to take a look on YouTube. Our kids are going to get immersed quickly in 3D creation! I truly look forward to what people of all ages are going to be able to collaborate and create with these devices and software.

Re: Surface Dial, anyone?

Besides typical view control, the one I use more than any other is Control-H


Makes your viewpoint normal to a current 2D sketch.


Often I have to rotate the view to make sure I include the correct line into a 2D sketch. Once done with an include, I want to get back to "normal view" of the sketch.