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Microsoft launched their new Surface Pro 4 at a widely-covered event in NYC today.  Community phenom Bob Mileti was featured in our Solid Edge / Surface video, which kicked of the launch presentation.  For those of you who haven't seen the video, here it is:  


Thanks, Bob!


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Who's the studly actor playing Bob?

Bruce Shand
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Thanks so much for the mention. I Received a number of emails from friends who saw this. I have to say this was as much as a surprise to me as anyone.


Over the past year since the video, I've kept in contact with the Surface Team in Redmond,WA.  They alerted me to the expect a surprise, but this was really more then I expected.


The best part is they left in the part when I mention Solid Edge.




I spoke with Matt Zeller now working with Hololens group... I asked when we'd be seeing Hololens for Solid Edge. He said he'd love see that and asked if I would I talk about this in Cincinnati. So let me know who I should be talking with.





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Can you talk about when the Surface Hub (due to release Jan 2016) will actually become affordable?

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

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The Hub was not really the focus of this event. I believe it may be years before we see the price drop. They did have one there using CAD and it was very impressive.



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bshand wrote:

Who's the studly actor playing Bob?

I don't know wqho the Bob plare is... but he needs to loose some weight!



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And the video of the launch event itself - with Bob Mileti and Solid Edge featured at just over 1 minute into the launch is here

{David Chadwick}, {Solid Edge Global Product Marketing}, {Siemens PLM Software}

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"And the video of the launch event itself - with Bob Mileti and Solid Edge featured at just over 1 minute into the launch is here"


I'd like to pause for a second and consider just how amazing this is. I am sure many of us (myself included) have thrown darts at marketing for various reasons. But here we are with one of the true epic giants of the software industry featuring Solid Edge to launch their latest (and arguably greatest) product. To set the stage for awesomeness, they use Solid Edge -- right off the bat 1.50 minutes in -- make sure to check it out. Plus, I have to say the rest of the presentation and the sheer tech in the Surface Pro 4 is amazing.


Hats off to the marketing team and particularly Donna Wright for orchestrating this!



Dan Staples
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I agree. My interest in the Surface Pro 3 all started at SEU last year. If it weren't for all the hard work by Solid Edge Marketing and everyone at Siemens efforts, I would have never thought any Tablet was worth a 2nd look for CAD.


But getting mine last August was the start of a very wonderful experience. After being totally blown away by my SP3, I shared it here on this forum. Then Scott Wertel kindly introduced me to Microsoft Marketing folks, and the rest is history.


So I owe a lot of thanks to many folks for getting me all this wonderful attention... but the best part is that Solid Edge is getting some of the credit too. Solid Edge and Synchronous Technology made working it's magic on the SP3 look easy... which it is. I was told by the Surface Engineering Team members that Solid Edge has the BEST integration of any the other CAD packages. So great job on that too!


My next task is that I'm hoping I can to talk with someone at this SEU about getting the Hololens intigrated with Solid Edge as well. Matt Zeller ( of Microsoft asked me to work on getting this conversation started.


Can't wait to see everyone at SEU 2015



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Hololens... That's what I'm waiting for!  Would be awesome for Solid Edge.


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