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Did you mean: my wits end...please help.

I tried my hand at surfacing today for a small project that I have, and it kicked my butt.  I have tried EVERYTHING i know to finally get to this shape that I have attached.  Can someone please get the final two openings closed and this converted to a solid body.  PLEASE.  Thanks!

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Re: my wits end...please help.

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Check this area.



Re: my wits end...please help.


As Jason correctly pointed out the problem area, I was further able to trim off some extra edges and fit a BlueSurf over the longer vertical curves, though with only the bottom curve as guiding and not able to pick the top one.



The surfaces could be stitched but could not be converted into a Solid Body and the Geometry Inspector also shows some very tiny edges. You need to get rid of the overlapping surfaces in the previous BlueSurfs to avoid this downstream failure.




I have attached the model again to see if it is of an use.

Re: my wits end...please help.

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The problem starts with your first bluesurf feature (Bluesurf 1).  The reason is that the curvature of the hemisphere at the start section is different to that of the eventual bluesurf that results in connecting to it.  That means you get a nasty set of intersecting surfaces which results in a pig's dinner that propagates it's nastiness through the model.  That is because the hemisphere curves outside of bluesurf 1 and then back in again.  One sulution that works is to go into the settings for bluesurf 1 and change the Tangency Control setting for Start section: from Natural to Normal to Section.  Click OK and Finish.  That then equalises the curvature at the boundary and cleans everything up quite nicely.  From there I then added in a couple of bluesurfs to close in the sides, and then stitched the whole thing to get a solid body.