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Survey about Siemens PLM Website

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Community Admin

Hi all!


We are starting a new project to improve the global Siemens PLM website. The scope is similar to the redesign project the Community underwent in March this year - a complete redesign. As our users, you have valuable insight that can help us identify areas where we can create a better experience for our customers.


Below is a link to a short survey that should take less than 10 minutes to complete. I appreciate your participation and honest feedback very much. Thank you for taking the time to help improve our next Siemens PLM web site and your online experience.




Re: Survey about Siemens PLM Website

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Esteemed Contributor

Only the original poster (you) can mark a posting as "accepted solution".

Bruce Shand
ST10 MP5 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Survey about Siemens PLM Website

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

For me, the main thing would be a tie in to GTAC and the IR/ER/PR system. Then people here can discuss them with links to the real information.


stickies for commonly repeated threads would also be nice:

Common ones are:

Computer Specs

Sweep design

Sheet metal corners

Understanding gage table

Drafting frame design assembly features

Macro's -How to use and where are the free ones

Setup of Drafting templates

System setup for Text/Dims/Decimal places

Revision manager/Design manger

Insight install and management

Multi User Sync w/ files

Where to find learning resources

Manual shortcomings (Allow people here to contribute then link to answer peoples questions)

For example, inserting links of Imic's vids into the manual (W/ his permission of course)

Parts list setup

Re: Survey about Siemens PLM Website

PLM World Member Phenom PLM World Member Phenom
PLM World Member Phenom

Are you talking about the Siemens PLM company website, that lists products and support and press releases?  or are you talking about the Community website?  Or are you talking about all of it?


Knowing the context of the survey would help select the appropriate response.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Survey about Siemens PLM Website


Hi Katie:


The survey does not mention the website URL or address for which the opinions are sought.

Also I notice that the Solid Edge blog page is distorted in that the articles are not listed chronologically.


Thank you.




Re: Survey about Siemens PLM Website

Community Admin Community Admin
Community Admin

@12GAGE Thank you for your feedback about the Community! An integration like that with GTAC would be awesome. No promises on if/when that might happen, but I will add it to our project board. As for your comment on repeated topics - turning those topics into knowledge base articles for reference is a good idea. Think of it as the support wiki area. As a member of the community, you should be able to "nominate" any topic to the knowledge base for approval.


@bshand Understood about accepting solutions. While I can see how that would cause issues since it puts the burden on the original poster, that is the intended functionality (the person who first posed the question is the best judge of whether they got their answer).


@swertel and @Tushar Oops, sorry the survey isn't clear. It's referring to our global website ( I'll edit the post to be a little more clear.


@Tushar Noted about the blog post sorting. It's a bug from the recent redesign, and is currently being worked on by the developer. Thanks for pointing it out. Smiley Happy



Re: Survey about Siemens PLM Website


Katie, I think what @bshand is talking about is that your signature asks for people to mark your post "accepted solution", which doesn't work when you are the original poster, only when you respond. You might consider altering your signature to something more generic to fit all situations.

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