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Sweep Cut Around I.D. / Sphere (Ordered)

Having trouble cutting out a chamfer with a flat around a c'bore that goes into a round face.  Wondering if anyone can help with a better technique.  The .005 flat must remain parallel to the bottom of the c'bore, but as it sweeps around the c'bore, the whole sketch is constrained to the large radius.  I need it to constrain to the c'bore and follow the radius.  Anything other than the standard default sweep options fail.  See below and thanks in advance...


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‎01-19-2016 09:24 AM

Re: Sweep Cut Around I.D. / Sphere (Ordered)

Did you try the Swept Cutout - Axis button on the commandbar (next to Finish)?

Try setting axis to the center of the hole.


Re: Sweep Cut Around I.D. / Sphere (Ordered)

That made it work.  Thanks a million Jason.