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Sweep cut?

Is the only way to do a sweep cut is to create a sweep object then Boolean subtract it? Or is there a Sweep cut command that is not set up by default in the menu's?


Attached is a tube where I would like to end up weth weld preps that have a 1/16" land. The cham varies because the cuts are at angles.



Re: Sweep cut?

There is also the possibility to do a sweep cutout:

Type sweep in the command foinder and swept cutout will be there to


Re: Sweep cut?

Command finder is a good tool when you're looking for little used commands.

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Re: Sweep cut?

Almost everything I do is sheet metal. So a sweep cut is something I had never used.

When you look at the menues, it just states sweep.....but it's really sweep cut.



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Re: Sweep cut?

@12GAGE,.....difference being, there is two tool sets, one Sweep in the "Add" tools, and also in the "Cut" tools.


Sweep_Add.png Sweep_Cut.png

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Re: Sweep cut?

Yeah, I really hate that. SolidWorks has the same thing..dumb..either you are adding material or removing material the function is the same. Put it all under one command and have the user select which option or like synchronous determine which is correct by the existing geometry.