Switching computers, minimize setup

At work, I am getting ready to get a new workstation that is more up-to-date and more of a CAD workstation than what I have (mine is getting old and outdated).


Anyways, I know I can copy the "Options" file and direct to it on the new system, but is there anything else that I can copy over to minimize setup?  Most things like Holes such are already directed to a server location.


One think I know I would not like to lose is preset "Table" options & Holes that I have saved the settings to.  What file are these located in?

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Re: Switching computers, minimize setup

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Here's my take on the issue. I'm not sure where saved table settings are saved. Likely in a file in template\reports. Maybe in draftlist.txt.

If no one chimes in I would save a table's settings and see what file in that folder changes date/time.


Ribbon themes:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version 10x\Customization

Default settings: (under C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST8...)

Custom hole settings, view scales, etc. are saved in ...\preferences\custom.xml
Custom BOM styles are saved in ...template\reports\draftlist.txt
Custom callouts are in ...\template\reports\draftcallout.txt
Custom weld symbols are in ...\template\reports\draftweld.txt
Templates are in ...\template
Materials are in ...\preferences\material.mtl.

Global settings for SE to find most of these things via the file locations in SE options reside in \preferences\options.xml.


Edit: appears to be in usertable.txt.

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Re: Switching computers, minimize setup

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I was given the attached document from Ally PLM before upgrading from ST6 to ST7


In general I think:

Frame sections

Hole database

Gage table (XLS file)

Drafting templates

Annotation call outs

File templates in general (Assy, Sheet metal, part)

Re: Switching computers, minimize setup

I saved the entire solid edge folder to a network, so I didn't lose anything during the transition.

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Re: Switching computers, minimize setup

@BoatTech Realise that won't include your customized menus.

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ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Switching computers, minimize setup

ST9 on, this gets way easier!!!



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