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Symbols in View properties

I have a drawing view that I am having a certain screw that absolutely will not show up in the view.  When I go to View Properties, I see the little exclamation point beside a few of the parts as shown in the picture.  When I click on the part and try to "show" it by checking the show box, it NEVER shows up.  Does the exclamation point have something to do with it.  Basically, I have one instance of the screw, and then a pattern of three more of it.  The one that is not showing up is the main one, not in the pattern.



Owner: Scott Lester Drafting & Design
Designer: Rotork Instuments

Re: Symbols in View properties

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Is there a tooltip message if you hover the mouse over it?

Ckeck this and this for solutions.

Geometry Inspector may reveal errors in the model.