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Symmetrical using planes, no sketches

This might have been discussed once before and I have been banging my head on a wall with this one. I have drew a sheet metal spec using solid edge st9, student version. The design is a simple metal box that only contains three sides: left, back and right. The dimensions are 60 height, 48 width and 18 depth. Here is the trick, no sketches on this and I have it started on the front to back plane, x-z plane? The question is, I have removed the grounding from it so I can move when needed. However, I need to add to it with other parts later on such as a top and such and use the pattern and mirror function. I need to find a way to make it symmetrical on the three reference planes and I cannot find the function on how to do it or a method. Any help would be helpful. I am only three days I into this learning program and I love it. It is different from the other cads that I have used in the past.
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Re: Symmetrical using planes, no sketches

Assuming you are working in ordered sheet metal.


Start by offseting each of the 3 base planes.


start each part as and assembly dirven piece of sheet metal.

The first sketch used to make the first tab of each part is created using includes from the planes. Flange are edited to me parallel to each plane.


Move a plane, the parts will resize.


Now back to your question about symmetrical


Off set two planes  from each base plane, make one of them = to the other (negative) using variables.



Re: Symmetrical using planes, no sketches

If there's a lot of features to the left & right sides and you dont want to have to keep making the same steps on each or mirroring you cn alwasy simple just draw the left (or right) half and simply mirror copy the entire part about a reference plane.

Re: Symmetrical using planes, no sketches

I found the answer. I had to remove the grounding, then set the dimensional size in the variable tables, then use a formula to make the item symmetrical on all three planes. Thank you for your reply!