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I'm trying to get started with Sync. I have started this tread a few times but never find out what I'm looking for.


All I want to to is learn is: What do I do to re-size one part to another so I can add the perpetual relations. In this case, I want two sides co-planer to the other part, and the other two sides co-planer with an offset. I can't even figure out how to get the first two edges co planer in a way that the flat part re-sizes its left to the other part.


I can't add co-planer, it does not let me. Is this where I should be adding inter part relations instead of face relations?


A while back, working on the exact same issue, I remember one telling me to:

1. make part

2. get it there

3. create perpetual relations.


It's the "getting it there" I can't do.


Here is a link to what I do in Ordered that I'm trying to get done in sync.


The goal of changing over is to eliminate the planes and replace them with driving dimensions. I also want the parts changed by the gage while maintaining the XYZ size.




I have gotten a step further. I can get one part "initially" related to the other, but I can't figure out how to create a perpetual face offset that keeps one part sized relative to the other. If there was no offset, I can do this. It's the combination of an offset and the desired perpetual plane to plane that giving me problems.





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I think the problem I'm having is with the perpetual relations and an offset. Even though the command for an offset face relation is by default perpetual. The perpetual part does not work because there is not another plane in-line (Co-planer) to be perpetual with.

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So your intitial problem was the command sequence. After the selecting the face in the first part you need to RMB to move to the next command state. Then select the face in the second part. 


As far as associative offset, you can't do this directly from the assembly context. You will need to:


1. Go down into the DRIVEN part.

2. Do an "Inter-part Copy" of the face on the DRIVING part you want to relate to.

3. Relate the face in the DRIVEN part to the copied face from the DRIVING part (persist on).


This will then work associatively.

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Once I figured how how to use the offset command correctly, I then found out exactly what you are talking about. Face offset "perpetual setting" is not really perpetual. I do need to use an inter part copy to make that happen. I believe my other option is to add planes at the offset locations so that the face and the plane can be maintained in a perpetual fashion.


My last problem is adding the Z dimension. In this case, I'm looking for a perpetual dimension that is to the outer top and bottom edges of the two parts together. The result of changing that dimensions or the lids thickness should result in changing the height of the body part. I think I will have to bark up the inter-part copy to make that happen as well. Or program the math using the height of the body + the thickness of the top = to desired overall Z value.


If I can get that last one working, then I have a Sync parametric box I can use as the framework for the rest of the part in ordered. Thus removing the need for plane driven ordered, and gaining the ability to use family of parts. The rest of the part can use ordered includes from the edges of the first two parts.




I added a snap shot of the Z dimension. I now have a re-sizable box, but the Z dimension won't "flip" so it expands the way I want. The Z dimension insists on using the included geometry as the referance point rather than the moving point. Can I flip that somehow? Or do I need to do the include with the lid to drive the body part where the lid moves rather than the bottom of the body?

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Not quite sure what you mean by the "Z dimension" but I think you understand that PMI dimensions cannot drive part to part from ASM. You can only place a driving PMI in part file itself. So if that is what you are saying, then yes, that is right and you have to use inter-part copies to relate geometry from other parts.
Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

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Yes that's what I'm trying to do. I desire X,Y,Z dimensions to drive the overall size of the box starting with the a bottom corner of the box at 0,0,0.


It get's tricky because each of the 3 dimensions has different issues.

X, straight forward, both parts the same

Y, slight more complicated, desire offset for both ends

Z, is a series dimensions, Z=thickness of lid+height of body.


That way, no matter the gage, the overall size is XYZ


I'm very glad I did this in ordered for my first year of using SE. Using planes to drive a parametric box in ordered was much easier than Sync, however, I can't use family of parts when planes are driving the assembly. Not sure why.

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What was said by Dan is important, If you would like to try yourself out in synch modeling.

There are some ways to do this.


I'v made a slow step by step video:


I use a "parametric reference box" instead of reference planes. It's funny because I didn't draw any sketches or lines in this case...




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Imics, That is fantastic. I worked out my plane method in ST6 when the referance box like that was not available and I had come from Solid Works where ordered was it. This is exactly what I'm trying to do. Thank you. I will be moving over to that exact procedure.