Sync cannot modify cutout

I figure this must be an OE issue, as sometimes it's hard to remember the way to work on monday morning. that being said, I have a sync sheetmetal part in ST8 where when I place a cutout in any surface, I cannot resize or move it. I can start a new file and place a cutout in a tab or flange and modify it just fine, could it be some sort of per-file setting thats confounding me?

I get the message below, but there are no relationships or dimensions at all in the file, I've suspended all design intent settings but to no avail... help me obi wan, you're my only hope!



Betreff: Sync cannot modify cutout


without having the actual part document, it will be hard to say what is the reason for not changing the cutout.


Does it be located at the origin?

Do You have a locked dimension, 


Can You provide the aprt here as download?




Betreff: Sync cannot modify cutout

Here is the file in question...

Betreff: Sync cannot modify cutout

I have no idea but there are experts that I'm sure will solve the problem. Any minute now...

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Betreff: Sync cannot modify cutout

This is one of the reasons I stay away from Sync. It adds relations with the only indication being the colors of relations. If it is assembly driven, who knows if the relation is in the assembly or part.....or somewhere else and a mixture of all of them.

Re: Sync cannot modify cutout

Yeah, this is a PR, according to Dan Vinson. The entire model appears to be locked up. Is there any history of this part that you can tell me? Did it start ordered? Any other weird problems along the way?

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Re: Sync cannot modify cutout

This part was created in synchrounous from day 1 in ST7, although there were some holes that were placed in ordered at some point then moved to synchrounous. No other issues aside from that.

Re: Sync cannot modify cutout



I think, this file became corrupt after adding flanges.


I've played a little bit with it and you can see that 2 small flanges' behaviour is strange, but I've deleted them in ordered mode and after this "everything" ok...



Sometimes I meet similar "challenge" in synch... Smiley Wink




Re: Sync cannot modify cutout

Thank you for digging in to this, it's certainly a decent work around, I appreciate your help!