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Synch - Hole recognition and change Hole origin


In attachment there is a pump 3D model imported from the supplier step file.

What I do next is the Hole recognition to save time when place fasteners in an assembly.


I like the fact that the 4 + 4 holes are recognized in a single group so I can place just 1 bolt and 1 nut and it is possible to pattern in all the hole at once.


This is done thanks to the "hole origin" that each hole have.


The problem is that during the hole recognition 1 set of 4 holes have the origin placed on the wrong place. This force me to redefine the hole origin for each of this 4 holes, and it is a very annoying process to do (i have around 30 models to do that)


I found that if I recognize the hole by selecting plane the origin is correctly located, but in this way I will have no more an 8 hole group but 2 group of 4, and i lose the ability to pattern all the 8 hole at once.


Any suggestion on how to merge 2 group of holes ?

Any suggestion on how to faster redefine the origin ? Ideally i would only change the plane of the hole not the position. (actually i create a sketch to reposition the hole after the change of origin plane)




Wrong automatic positioned:

What is automatically recognized


Correctly positioned manually, or result of recognition by planese but then not grouped

What I want to obtain


Re: Synch - Hole recognition and change Hole origin

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



I suggest selecting planes where holes are placed! Smiley Wink


Here is a short video about steps:




Re: Synch - Hole recognition and change Hole origin


This is uber cool Imics !

Thanks a lot I didn't know that Hole recognition works with pre-selected faces as well.


Very happy Smiley Happy