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Syncronous / Ordered

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Hello Everyone,

What is the advantages to use ordered in place of syncronous? *When is better to use ordered?



Re: Syncronous / Ordered


Actually both are good at what they can do and in a mixed "Hybrid Modeling" envirnment SE does really well, look at

Re: Syncronous / Ordered

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Honored Contributor

Sync is good for imported parts from other system and Non-sheet metal parts.


I don't use sync because my focus is sheet metal.


The area Sync really falls down is flat pattern controls and editing the gage of a material (Gage = Thickness and Bend radius)


Also w/ frames you have to make a choice early on. The Frame sections have to be either sync or ordered. I chose ordered.


Within a single part, you can do ordered work on top of Sync, but you can't do Sync work on top of Ordered. If this was the other way around I would be VERY motivated to use Sync. 


I need the "basics" of my models to be ordered. Since I can't use sync on top of ordered, I don't use it at all.


From a conceptual standpoint, ordered maintains relations to creation sketches. In sync, sketches are used to start part creation, but once the part exist, the sketch removed.

Re: Syncronous / Ordered




If you need to have 100% control of your sketch you should use Ordered.

With complicated Geometries you have to edit the Sketch more than on time and this is guarantied with Ordered.


But I like and use Synchronous "with Sheet Metals too". Just in view cases for examples "Rail profiles" I used Ordered to be able to control every details and make controled changes.