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TeamCenter versus Default directory


OK, I need some input / help.  We have finally upgraded to ST5 from ST3.  We had various reasons for the delay in the upgrade, but we are here and the next step is ST8 then keep current with the latest versions.  This wil be a lengthy process due to settings the higher ups decided to do without asking the daily users.


I've been using SE for more years than I want to admit.  I've never had this issue prior to this upgrade to ST5, so I was curious if there's a "fix" or "work around" so I can do what I've always done.  Here is what my dilemma is:  I am a daily Revision Manager user and use it all of the time in my work.  I copy an existing assembly/draft to the new file name since I typically have a lot of work needing to be done. So, once I complete all of my changes in the new file through SE, I then upload to TeamCenter.  The reason I do this is because my primary job is copper design and if you have to change the file assembly name after you created the copper, the copper loses it's link to the assembly name it was created in.  If I don't do an upload to TeamCenter with my assembly when I realize I have to change my assembly name, the links retain themselves.


So, now I've done the same thing that I've always done.  However, when I go back into ST5 to open this new assembly, I get the error attached.  TeamCenter is not active when I open it since I have to pull it from my default directory.  But, as you can see by the attachment, it says there is a conflict.


Anysuggestions? Thanks


Re: TeamCenter versus Default directory


I don't really understand what you're doing with your assemblies when you're flicking between 'inside' and 'outside' teamcenter, so I'm not sure why you're getting that error. Possibly you are refrencing files in TC that it's trying to resolve?


However, I would ask why you're not using Stucture Editor instead of Revision Manager? It's the Teamcenter managed version of the bulk copying tool, that will do your Save-As-ing, whilst updating/bringing forward linked documents and drafts etc. 


Also, it seems that it's not up to you, but IMO you really should be on the latest version of SE if you're using TC - there have been a lot of improvements in the Embedded Client since ST5, let alone ST3!