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Teamcenter experiences and work flows in an environment that is NOT discrete product manufacturing.

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Hi All,

Sorry, a little off-topic but maybe somebody here might be able to help.  I posted this over in the Solid Edge and Teamcenter newsgroups, but it is a morgue over there.

We are an engineering department at a steel mill in New Zealand.  Our main function is the provision of engineering services and project management to support a regime of continuous improvement to the plant and machinery on site.  We are running 6 seats of Solid Edge.  We are working towards implementing Teamcenter Rapidstart.  We are going to start testing by using a few small projects as "guinea pigs" to get a handle on the required work flows in a Teamcenter environment.

Now we realise that our situation is probably a lot different from a lot of you in that we are not developing discrete items that are completely stand-alone from each other that get finished, released, and end of story.  Rather, the gear we work on (the plant and machinery, etc.) is in a state of constant flux, as it were, and is never "finished" and released, as such.  That means that over time we are building up a lot of 3D "asset" data that provides geometry for use as appropriate by each new project that comes along.

Is there anybody out there who has implemented Teamcenter on a site that uses plant and machinery (e.g. steel mill, timber mill, paper mill, large manufacturer, etc.) and would be willing to share their experiences good or bad.  Maybe also a general overview on Teamcenter work flows that work in that context?  You can email me at instead if you prefer not to post here.