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Teamcenter vs I-cubed

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I know it's Siemens forum, but maybe, someone has experience in both packages. Our mother company has I-cubed licences and it should be possible to use it with Solied Edge.


Can anyone tell me if I-Cubed has the same quality level as teamcenter?


Re: Teamcenter vs I-cubed

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

As far as I know, I-cubed is a company.  What product of theirs are you asking about?


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Re: Teamcenter vs I-cubed

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Valued Contributor

The PLM product

icad for Solid Edge

It can replace teamcenter, no?

Re: Teamcenter vs I-cubed

I-Cubed CADi is the software used to integrate Solid Edge with Windchill (PTC).


I worked with Windchill and Solid Edge ST2 (2 years ago).

Then, I-Cubed dropped support for that integration.

It looks like they decided to support back integration between Solid Edge and PTC Windchill.


Experience I have with this product is:

- Very poor integration.  No reel direct integration between SE and Windchill.  Everything (search, download to cache, ... need to be done in Workgroup Manager).

- Cannot really search within the Open dialog box.

- Viewable files (PDF or JT or whatsoever) were not working properly.

- Very difficult to control which revision you are opening (if trying to open from Windchill added menu in the ribbon).


I think we can wrap up in saying that you will not get all the convenience and transparency from using Teamcenter with Solid Edge.  Using Solid Edge with Teamcenter makes almost no difference.  You just go to File - Open and voilà.


If you consider going that way, I suggest that you don't just rely on sales demo but that you try the software yourself in YOUR business scenario to see if it really works.  Demo always work very well but ...


I would suggest to look at other solutions (Solid Edge for SharePoint, Teamcenter RapidStart, Teamcenter) that are really well integrated to your CAD software.


Hope that helps.






Re: Teamcenter vs I-cubed

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Please read the bumph on the link you provided to the CADi product.


CADi is I-Cubed's "connector" or integration from Solid Edge to PTC Windchill. Windchill is the PLM system.


Solid Edge Embedded Client is Siemens "connector" or integration from Solid Edge to Siemens Teamcenter. Teamcenter is the PLM system.


Therefore as CADi is not a PLM system, it cannot replace Teamcenter. Windchill can replace Teamcenter.

Re: Teamcenter vs Windchill

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Valued Contributor

OK,  I started on the wrong foot. So my question is to all windchill users in combination with Solid Edge. Can Windchill compeed with Teamcenter?

Is the intergration Windchill - Solid Edge ST6 (with icad) better these days than described in the 2nd post?