Technical requirements function.

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You all might know we have received a new technical requirement function in ST8 ( – Starting at around 3:30).

The basic function idea behind it is super. However, I miss some text formatting functions we have received over time in the standard Text function.

I’m more talking about bulleting / numbering and stacking (superscript & subscript).

I know formatting is possible, but no for standard, plain text as the formatting option is not active for text.



Has anyone filled any ER for this already?

Or, boys and girls from Siemens, is this already known and possible part of a MP / ST9?



Marc Boom /

Re: Technical requirements function.

Hi @marcboom,


Isn't the Super & Sub text formatting just part of the normal dimensioning format [style]?

...or are you looking to make unique formatting to the input for each field, rather than global style edits??

Sean Cresswell
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Re: Technical requirements function.

Dear Sean.


It is within the technical requirement function I'm looking for text formatting.

Our texts (or multiline single notes) sometime required to be bulleted within the same not.

Same applies for superscript and subscript.

Even fractions, like in the sample for a 1 1/8" bolt can't be formatted at this moment, were it is possible in the standard text function.


As I wrote, this might be on the program already for....

Ath the other hand, if someone filled and ER, it is usefull to refere to this ER.



Marc Boom /

Re: Technical requirements function.

ER 8284404 Robot wink

Re: Technical requirements function.

I have just started playing with this new function and already found something wrong.


I have made my list like this:


(a)  Welding specification ST-003

(b)  Painting specification ST-004

(c)  Insulation specification ST-018


When I use a specification link inside a text box or a ballon they are called 1,2,3 and not (a),(b),(c); am I missing something ? I can't believe it's been "developed" to work this way.


ST8 - MP3




Re: Technical requirements function.


I highly recommend you submit a bunch of enhancement requests for Technical Requirements. It's new, and how users are going to apply the feature still need to be shared with the development team.

I updated our templates to use them, found too many shortcomings to meet our standards, and went back to a text box. GTAC got their fill of ERs from me. I look forward to when the tool will be mature enough to use.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Technical requirements function.

Is there a quick and easy way to do what I have shown in the attached picture?  Right now I am creating a technical requirement and putting an empty bubble around the number for the requirement to get it around the number.  In Solidworks you could double click on the number in the note or technical requirement and add a bubble to the number.  

Re: Technical requirements function.

SE is not very good at this. It would be nice if there were tools for in-line editing of text that included shapes around text. As it is you have to play games with balloons but the text fields of balloons (suffix for example) don't allow special characters like diameter symbols.

The same goes for the Technical Reference tool.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Technical requirements function.

I have totally skipped using text and tables in SE and just embeded word and excel documents into my draft files because of how bad the formatting is in SE.

Re: Technical requirements function.

Dear all.


I have seen a lot of reply and suggestions etc...

Super to read and know.

I have filled an ER at the moment, but have not yet been able to forward all the information, nor fully read all your replies.


I'm traveling next week, giving me some time to read and write to you all.



Marc Boom /