Termination Log ST6 - Extrude

Can anyone help me?


I have a student and every time she hits the extrude button a Termination Log screen pops up.

She is able to draw a sketch, but when you hit the extrude or revolved button, the screen pops up.


We’ve re-installed Solid Edge but that didn’t work…




Re: Termination Log ST6 - Extrude

Hi there,


Sounds likely to be a non-compatible system hardware....usually the graphics.

Any idea what the specs are?


Something to try though....with Solid Edge open to a blank "Part" session, go to the SE-Application button, Solid Edge Options, on the View tab, there is a setting for "Application Display"....un-check the "Automatic Selection" box, and select "Backing Store" from the drop down below it.


Sean Cresswell
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Re: Termination Log ST6 - Extrude

Thanks for the reaction, but that did not work.


The specs are attached in a file.

Re: Termination Log ST6 - Extrude

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'Gaming' graphics cards, such as the Radeon, are generally not supported by CAD applications. You can attempt to roll back the driver for the video card to find one that might work, but the long-term solution would be to install a business graphics card from the Nvidia Quadro series (recommended!) or AMD Firepro series. 

Gaming cards CAN work (I run Solid Edge on a laptop with an Nvidia GTX660M very well), but the performance is generally unpredictable, and since the card is not officially supported, you will not be able to get further 'official' help resolving this.

-Dylan Gondyke