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Text search for a part in an assembly

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Can this be done somehow? I went thru all the online training a few months ago and dont remember seeing anything like this but maybe its possible, if not it should be added. Our assemblies have hundreds sometimes thousands of parts. It would be very convienant to enter text and the program could find the part or assembly and hilight it, or maybe zoom to it. Or possibly present a list of matching parts if more than one match.


Re: Text search for a part in an assembly

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Siemens Phenom

In the "Select Tools" tab (by default on the left menu bar with Parts Library, etc), there is an option to create Queries.  You can search by file name or many other file properties.  Once the criteria are added to the query, you can execute (double click) and it will highlight any components that meet the criteria.


Hope this helps. 

Kevin Grayson
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Re: Text search for a part in an assembly


You can also do a 'quick query'.

Right Click on the input box at the top of Select Tools.

You will get a list of options to search.

I usually use 'Name'

Then type in the string you want to search for and click the green 'Go' arrow.

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