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Text symbols showing as unicode strings


I'm new to Solid Edge 2D and have been a long time AutoCAD LT user for electrical drawings. In many of my drawings I have used unicode strings to generate a symbol. For example to get a superscript 2 (squared) I have entered \U+00B2 in the text field. If I open the files in AutoCAD LT, it displays these correctly as the squared symbol. If I open the same file in Solid Edge 2D (ST9) it only shows the unicode. I've checked in numerous places and it looks like solid edge always shows only the unicode, wheter for a squared symbol, of the Ohm symbol. I'm sure there are a few others I have found yet - but those are the primary ones I use on a daily basis. 


I really do not want to go through every drawing I have (hundreds), delete the unicode, and insert a new symbol everywhere they show up. 


Again I am new at Solid edge so I am will to accept I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. 




squared_SE 2D.PNGTaken from solid Edge 2D (ST9)Square_AutoCAD.PNGtaken from AutoCAD display