Texture not printing from solid edge draft

I'm having a weird issue with solid edge draft. I am trying to print a draft document in which all of the drawing views have the texture shown in the image. My view properties under <shading and color> all have the following selected: use assembly part overrides, use part face colors, show visible edges, Textures, Reflections. In the print preview all of the views show the texture but, when I print the top view does not show the texture. I have checked all of the settings for the views and they seem to match, unless it is some buried property that I have not found. All of the views have the same texture, all of the views show the texture in the print preview, and only the top view will not print with the texture.


Does anyone know why this is might be happening??


Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

Hi @Alex_Schneider



is this true for all printers?


So how does the result look like if saving as PDF from Solid Edge Draft?


Is it the same or different.


I remember, there where problems somewhen which could be solverd or improved using a registry entry.


I'm absolutely confident, that a search here in the community will bring another answer to that showning this registry commend.




Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

This is a complex issues. To get textures to show up in draft you need shaded views. Then to get that to show up in a PDF, you must eiti registry entires to use the SE PCF printer, or use a printer that comes with acrobat pro. But in both cases, the PDF files go from the 100KB range to the 4MB range to gain enough resolution to show the bit maps right. 


I tried using bit maps on parts to show expanded metal. Now that my computer is strong enough, I just model the heavy part to achieve linework in draft to keep the PDF's small in file size. The cost is a heavy CPU usage part.



Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

I tried this with other printers, and the print worked fine.


I tried saving as a pdf file and that looked good as well.


I looked for the registry entry you were refering to, and had no luck finding it.


I tried to reinstall the drivers for the printer I am trying to use and that had no affect either.


I believe it might have to due with the registry edit that you are talking about, but as I said, I cannot find it. It's also worth noting that I tried the same thing from a laptop with the ST9 home lisence and I had the same issue. Really confused here as to why it does not work, though I will keep searching for that discussion post. Thanks for your help.

Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

If the PDF looks like what you want, just print the PDF.

Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

That would be fine, but the problem is every time I update or make changes to the print, I would first have to save as pdf, then print that pdf instead of the drawing document. We have a similar part for every assembly at my workplace. It has never had an issue printing the texture like this before.


The other problem with that is if the draft document and the pdf were not the same revision, and someone other than myself were just trying to print it they could potentially not have the updated print. I could fix that by always making sure to update the pdf, but that creates a lot more work.


Also if only that part needing to be converted to a pdf before printing, and all of the other parts in the assembly can be printed from solid edge draft (because textures are unnecessary on these parts), then that would only cause confusion.



Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

Hi @Alex_Schneider



I did a search here in the forum for "Print Shaded" and got a couple of results:





Several times in those posts there is mentioned the same solution:


Well, it turned out it was the cryptic registry entry that made everything work.  I had to refer back to Sean Creswell's post back in February of 2014 to get.  I went into DBUG in the ST108 registry and created a new DWORD key with STRETCHMASKBLT with 0.  I tried using 1 and it took forever to make the PDF.






Or a different one at 
Here you go.....[thanks to Bob Henry]

>>this post was written to suit ST3, so the key address needs to for your ST5 = "Version 105"<<

Insert the following key into the registry below this key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version
Name = PrinterPlgBlt
Type = DWORD
Value = 1

Standard warning regarding the registry applies here. Don't do this if you
are not comfortable working in the registry.
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And another



Try this:


"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version 10X\DEBUG

Create a new 'DWORD (32 bit) value "STRETCHMASKBLT_VERSION" and set it to 1.




Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

Thank you for the help. Turns out, you were correct. I had to enter the value <STRETCHMASKBLT_VERSION> in debug and set the value to 1.

Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

We had a problem when creating pdf's of drawings with shaded views.

If the view border overlaps other views or notes, dimensions etc they could blank them out - depending on the front/back order.

On the pdf export options there is a 'Transparent drawing view backgrounds' setting that should prevent this problem (checkbox needs to be ticked)

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Betreff: Texture not printing from solid edge draft

Good tip, thanks.