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The Golden Block of Synchronous Technology

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

While hunting for a good example model to introduce Synchronous Technology basics at a recent user group meet, I bumped into this wonderful set of 2 videos presented by Ilya Nazarenko who demonstrated Solid Edge ST and Design Intent:




Later finding that the same model has been used by many, all these videos demonstrate more or less the same ST principles in their own quick and leisurely ways, that I could not resist calling it the 'Golden Block' of Synchronous Technology :




I know the material applied is just brass, but nevertheless here are the other instances, all are beautifully illustrated in their own ways and a must watch for who is interested in a gentle but thorough introduction to ST and for experienced users alike:


Local Motors (2011)


CAMLogic (2012) - Jump to 6:30


SolidEdgeDIY (2013)


Swoosh (2014) - Jump to 4:30


The ST8 part of the block is attached for use with any of the videos.