The best Mice for CAD software users


I am looking to buy a mouse to operate Solid Edge.

So far I am using standard 3 key mouse, but thinking about something more accurate.

What preferences do you have ?


thanks for the advise.



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Re: The best Mice for CAD software users

Very personal decision. Most like different mice because we all have different size hands.


I settled into Logitech G700. About 7 years ago I decided I liked that mouse and purchased four of them. One for work and two for home and one in the car as back up wherever I am.


The main feature I like about it is the wide and flap-topped wheel that can also be used for side to side input.

Re: The best Mice for CAD software users

A 3D mouse is nice to have, and there are some cheaper versions out there, but I use this brand at work and at home.

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We've used the Logitech MX1000 and now the newer MX800 [combo] units for many years, as have good precision, comfortable size & shape, cordless, and have numerous programable buttons......I also have a 3D Connexion Space Pilot for while I'm docked at the office.

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Re: The best Mice for CAD software users

The 3Dconnection Cadmouse is a very nice mouse and I have used the above mentioned creaters and the Cadmouse really works well even with big hands

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Hi @bhaskin,


Can you tell us a bit more about the Cad Mouse from 3DConnection ? I am thinking about this particular mouse, but it is quite expensive compare to the rest.


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Re: The best Mice for CAD software users

I've been using a Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman for the last ten years. It was an arm saver from the standard type mice. Only downside is they have stopped making it, so I purchased a few to last me and now down to last one.  I have no idea what I will chose to use when it needs replacing (when the left mouse button packs up from the endless mouse clicks we have to do)...

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I have a Cad Mouse from 3DConnection, in the closet...

I suffer RSI, and this mouse doesn't help.

Therefor I use a wacom tablet. At the office a very old bamboo fun and at home a intuos 3.

I also use a classic mouse with my left hand and a spacepilot pro to navigate.

A perfect setting for me. There is more for inpunt than a mouse. A 3D mouse is for me a must.

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Re: The best Mice for CAD software users

And, for a regular mouse, I have used the Logitech trackball for the past 15+ years. I can't stand having to pick up the mouse, over and over, so I like just rolling my thumb to move the pointer.

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I'm using a Logitech cordless mouse.  For me, a basic 3 button/wheel mouse works fine.  More important to me is my 3D Connextion Space Mouse Pro.  Being able to manipulate views with it is second nature.


Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the 3D Connexion CAD mouse.  I used one while taking the certification test at SEU2015 and by the time I was done, my hand was killing me. 



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