These two videos are showing the same however

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I am looking for a video on bending tubing. With this attachment from You tube will show you what I mean. If you notice the line bends shows a red, and red round circle with an x inside. I watched this video looked and looked shows the same on my drawing. With my video shows a blue line with a black square and no indication.

I looked at the Sweep Technology, I guess this video is used for tubing but:

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The display of geometry can be configured to users choice...

The display of geometry can be configured to users choice of color[s] in the settings...but the BIGGEST thing you need to come to terms with, is the "Geometric Relationships" and their "handles"....have a look in the "Help" [F1] file on the topic, it covers it pretty well.

The one you refer to as having a circle with a cross in, when an arc is tangent & connected to another arc or line.

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