This forum requires sub forums

As a forum adict (and moderator) I find it baffling that a forum covering such a complex program does not have subsections for the various aspects of it.


Examples include:


Syncornous part modelling

Ordered part modelling

Syncronous Sheet metal

Ordered sheet metal




general anouncements.


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Thanks for the input. We are approaching the end of a redesign for the overall community. We will be adding the ability to add folders for various topics like you mentioned. The redesign will effect the entire Siemens PLM community, not just the Solid Edge side of things, and we have been trying to get input from users. I see you just recently registered, so you missed the questionaire we had available a couple of weeks ago. Feel free to add more comments here.


We do have general announcements, but at this time they show up in various places, which will be consolidated in the future.

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The current "community" appears in comparison to the many I use "corporately managed" and designed to try and stear people in directions.


One problem, look at the url to gain access to this forum, not something I will remember, most forums I use are at a top level domain name or a www.toplevel.domain/forum, easy peasy to remember and access. Many companies make the mistake of ending up with a "managed" and "staged" community, just let people get on with it. I want to find a vibrant community of fellow users to discuss the software with and interact not some corporate front.


Sorry if I sound harsh, I'm sure there was another official forum that I used to visit, again overly complex url and I can't find any trace of it so I assume this took it's place, well it may have replaced it but it has not taken it's place, activity here seems low

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There is a forum for customers that is closed to the public. The userbase is currently split between forums. Many of the users have sworn off the new forum here until it is fixed, which is why you don't see much activity. I (and others) have been pretty vocal about this current forum state being more pleasing to marketing managers than users, and I've got my fingers crossed Matt and company are almost ready to relaunch and get rid of this gray mess!

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It always pains me to see companies trying to write forum code or have dedicated forums written for them. They never can rival the functionality and familiarity that any of the existing packages have with much scope for customization. I tend to use the simple machgines forum software but ultimately any of the main forum packages work the same from a user point of view and anyone that already uses them expects such functionality, this is heaviliy limited and needs relearning, that will put people off.


Why close the forum to non customers ? greatest form of publicity, any software that has a forum full of helpful co users is a bonus, let them see what is on offer.... or isn't there anything ?


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There were a few reasons for having a closed forum that have become less relevant with time. Before last year, there was no official public forum for the software at all, and the decision was made to start the transition. 


I think it is extremely difficult to surpass packages like vbulletin for a pure forum environment....which is why this redesign has taken so long.

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I get the impression that siemens has done itself more damage by trying to do it's best make sure non genuine licensed users get the use of a forum. The result is that there has never been much of an online community to support it and consequently it is less talked about. I had to give up trying to find online help. I don't want to be funny but companies licensing solid edga are already locked into exspensive contracts and will not be paying more for peer to peer support in the namje of keeping it from non genuine users.


I genuinley tried to learn what I could outside of work but it soon became obvious that siemens wanted to keep all under wraps, not good publicity.

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Well then, I guess it's good news that the new forums are public.  Now if they can just get them presentable...


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If you're looking for more online training type information, I would highly recommend you check out the AllyPLM Youtube LunchByte videos on Solid Edge. They really helped me with my initial training.

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So what is this forum ?:


This one seems more homely and is run on an industry standard forum software