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Thread Size Specification


I am in the process of completing a ful working drawing project for my first year Engineering course. Having used Solid Edge in highschool many years ago I decided to use it instead of the extremely outdated 2D IntilliCAD system used at my University. It trying to create a screw for the project I have come upon a troubling problem. The thread size specified in the drwaing for replication is a M10x1.5 course fit. However, Solid Edge seems to only carry a Fine Fit Library for its thread sizes. I do see that there is a Tetrahedral Thead size for M10x1.5, but thats not what im looking for. Where can I either, set a custom size or add the the directory?


Re: Thread Size Specification

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

you can add thread definition in the Hold DB...   see the SE help


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