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Thread split object


We have run into a new issue that has us baffled. How do you thread an object when it is not a complete cylinder? You can select the the partial cylinder but it just doesn't work from there on.


I also tried to mirror and union the part into a single body, I was able to thread it but the threads broke as soon as I split the body back apart... it also then crashed when I tried to recalculate the feature.


The part was made in ordered. I tried converting it to syncand try again and it was the same.




Re: Thread split object


There are two things I'd try. It depends on how you are going to manufacture the thread. If you are going to 3D print this model at some point, you have to actually model the thread. If it's a standard thread that you are going to cut into the part, you might be able to get away with a callout. If you are molding or casting the thread and have to machine it into the die, you probably have to actually model the thread.


If you want to trick the software into seeing a complete cylinder, then maybe just make a complete cylinder, add the thread, and then cut away the part that you don't need. I haven't tested that to see if it works, but it's something you might try.


You can probably sweep multiple threads at once by just sketching them as part of the profile.

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Re: Thread split object


This part will be machined as a single piece then split with a thin kerf bandsaw. Honestly I was just thinking about not making it threaded and just forcing the callout in the draft.

Re: Thread split object

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Here is a solution what was mentioned by @MLombard: