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Time and Motion Study

Can we make a time a motion study in Solid Edge? If yes, then how effective is it?


I have a scenario :

I am trying to do a process planning with automation. I have 7 machines lined up and I want to analyze if having a Robot is worth. They are all placed in circle with robot in centre. Can I make a motion study to check the lead time of process with the help of Solid Edge?





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this is an easy job with my SE-App PST.


The first step is the most tricky one, it prepares the roboter for action (~ 2 h).

The next steps are defining the different positions of the product and moving the roboter in the correspondent position (~ 1/2 h for a fixed location)

The configurations are saved with PST and give you the storyboard of your animation.

Next steps are defining a flowchart and time, acceleration and velocity for each step and each axis of the roboter (with a prepared excel-workbook). PST calculates and saves the Solid Edge parameters (~1 h per step)

The following step is a batch job. PST edits the  SE-parameters and saves an image for each time interval (how long depends on your computer, viewstyle, imagesize and interval duration).

Finally create your video using the images (there is a lot of freeware and some great tools on the market).


Look here

for an example

for the workflow


Maybe a problem - everything in german.


Gerald Haberl

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Dear Gerald,

Great. It looks very interesting.
But how do I install SE-App PST. Is there something I should download. Please let me know how to use it. I think it can save lot of time.

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30 days trial version


Kind regards


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Cool! I love the innovation like this!




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Dear Gerald,

I couldn't install it. Got an error : Installationproblem Fehlernummer 1497.
And everthing is in German, so found it difficult to understand. Do you have it in English?

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no englisch version here, i can repair 'Installationproblem Fehlernummer 1497', please drop me an email.


I guessed language will be a problem Smiley Sad


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In ST8 we added a video API so you do not have to stitch images together. You basically define the movie codec, framerate etc. and start recording.


There is a C# sample delivered with ST8. (I'm a guy myself but it translates)


In your current code at the location you take a snapshot image you would just add a frame to recording.


I used this method to create this video. (Driven by excel and similar to what you have.)
I don't have accelerations defined, just rapid/feed rates.


The following video/mockup can be done inside SE ST8 (No API required)

This one is actually pretty easy to do.


NOTE: I use Movie Maker to add sound and intro's/fades.


I will be discussing how I did these at SEU15 this year.












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I know your impressive videos.


I design machinery and equipment, my main concern is to calculate exactly the entire movement sequence and take over each possible configuration in Solid Edge with one click.
Videos are good for the show and controlling the timeline.


I can write e.g. the time in ms to each single snapshot in batchmode with IrfanView, to stitch them together needs a few minutes in the background.

I use VirtualDub and Camtasia for production of videos.


Unfortunately I am not at SEU15.


Best Regards