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I have my title block auto populating the material thickness currently for sheetmetal parts.

Can I do the same for parts that are not drawn as sheetmetal?


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Not without using (parts list display) custom variable and assigning a custom variables to each part.


I assume you are use the gage excel spreadsheet to show the gage of sheet mteal.


Custom variables are not that bad to use. I only have two that I use commonly.

L = cut length for parts that are not sheet metal or frame members.

For this case, I just assign L as the exposed variable name. Often L is a renamed protrusion length.


SHAPE = The description of the cross section for section used as frame members or extruded parts. Examples include: SQ TUBE 4x3x3/16 CS, ANGLE 2x2x1/8 CS

In this case, I actually define the custom variable in each file used to create frame members.

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You can, but you would have to expose as a property the variable defining the thickness and then use that in a Property Text annotation.  Ideally you would set this exposed variable up in your part template and then during each model creation you would create a formula to equate it to the dimension defining the thickness.


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We are over thinking this. If you use the sheet metal gage XLS table that can be displayed easy.


Attached is an example of my parts list

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@12GAGE  Read the OP: "Can I do the same for parts that are not drawn as sheetmetal?"

I don't see how your sample drawing explains anything.

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Your right. Custom variables is the only way. 


I would add a colum for the variable T. Then add a PMI renamed & exposed to T for each part.

You can reuse a colume for this like the sheet metal gage column