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I would like to have a callout with a property text that references the first part inserted on the sheet in my title block. And I would like this to be different for each sheet. So for instance, on the first sheet I would drag and drop a part into the sheet and the part number section would be populated accordingly. I would then make a new sheet, drag and drop a different part, and the part number on the new sheet would be populated with the new parts part no. As far as I can tell, to do this I would need to make a new callout for each sheet.


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You are correct, there is no automated way to do this on the title block however it is possible to show this on the Drawing view caption by using property text using Indexed Reference.


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Hmmm, that's too bad. If I remember correctly Solidworks had this sort of functionality and it worked pretty slick. I liked how they did their title blocks as sort of dynamic in sheet entities rather than just as a static background for all sheets. You could kind of pick and choose what you wanted to be the same across sheets, and what you wanted to be different.


Now when you talk about showing this on the drawing view caption, for each new sheet I would need to add a part, then add the caption right? And I couldn't find very good documentation on how the Index Reference works. From what I was able to glean from a forum post it sounds like R1 would reference the first part inserted to the draft file R2 would referene the second and so on? And if you insert parts A then B then C then delete part A the R1 reference would now refer to part B?

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On the callout's Properties - Callout Text, index reference to the Document Number can be placed in the following way:


On the first sheet the Callout Text would be:

%{Document Number|R1}

Where, R1 is the index reference to the first part inserted.


On the second sheet the Callout Text would be:

%{Document Number|R2}

Where, R2 is the index reference to the second part inserted.


an so on...


No need to insert the part before placing the callout. From the Home tab, Property Text group - Pick Update all.


But, if you insert parts A then B then C then delete part A the R1 reference would NOT refer to part B? It will just show "Error: No Reference" in Solid Edge.


You can delete all parts and insert altogether new parts as A, B, C - the callouts will readily pick indexed references from the new parts inserted.


Is this getting anywhere close to what you are looking for ?


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Yeah I think that would be closer to what I would want. Taking your example a step further, if after deleting part A you inserted part D on sheet 1 the "Error: No Reference" would go away and be replaced with the reference to part D. I think essentially what I'm looking for the scope of the Indexed Reference to be limited to the sheet.


It would be awesome if I could put the callout in the background with the rest of the title block and for each sheet it would know what to reference.

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The presented work around of inserting object with attached annotation referances is the way to go. I would sugest naming files for each page and referancing the file name rather than 1st inserted etc. More work up front to name a file for each page, but this would eliminate any confusion when things dont work.

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12GAGE, I don't think I'm following what you are suggesting. How do you insert an object with an attached annotation reference? And when you talk about naming files for each page are you saying that I should save each sheet as it's own file and then combine them into a drawing package when I'm done?


Thanks everyone for your feedback.

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As a programmer, I could think of writing this attached macro which:


1. Runs through each sheet.

2. Checks for a callout with text $Doc# anywhere on the sheet.


3. Checks the first view on the sheet and gets its linked model.

4. Replaces the callout text with the Document Number.



The requirement is the callout with specifed text $Doc# should be present on each sheet.


Initially I thought of placing the callout on a background sheet, but since multiple working sheets use a common background sheet, this would not be feasible.


Alternatively, the macro can be modified to create a callout on each sheet with the first view's Document Number as its text.


The macro described above is attached.

Hope you find this useful.



Tushar Suradkar


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Well it looks like this is about as close to a solution as I'm going to get. I'll still need to add that text to each new sheet manually though right? I suppose I could right a macro to do that as well. It's a shame you can't just put it on the background sheet. Thanks for all the help.

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The attached macro will create a balloon with the Document Number in the center of the first view on each sheet in a draft.



Tushar Suradkar