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Title Blocks

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I cant seem to get the title block to show up without the solid edge name in it.
How do start a drawing sheet with a clean title block?

Re: Title Blocks

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All the geometry, including the title block, for the sheet border is on a
background sheet.
Each sheet, Sheet1, has a property to specify which background sheet to use
for the border display.
Right mouse click on Sheet1 in the Sheet tray at the bottom of the
application window. Then click on Sheet Setup in the command list.
Click on the Background tab in the Sheet Setup dialog. This is where you
specify which background sheet to use as the border display. Remember which
background sheet is set in the 'Background sheet:' combo box. Cancel out of
this dialog.
Now to modify a background sheet.
At the top of the application window click on 'View' and then 'Background
You will now see the background sheets displayed at the bottom.
Click on the background sheet that was set in the Sheet Setup dialog from
This is the geometry for the background sheet border. You can make any
changes you need. If you want your company name displayed, edit the text box
with the words 'Solid Edge' and add your company name. Now your company name
will display for all sheeets using this background.
Click on 'View' and then 'Background Sheet' to turn off the background
sheets tabs at the bottom. You only need them displayed if you are making
changes to the backgrounds.
These changes will only apply to the current file. You will need to create a
customized trmplate draft file if you want these changes to apply to all
sheets of all new drawings.
Rick B.

Re: Title Blocks

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This worked perfectly. Thank you.